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Can I use Flow Frames in cold or freezing conditions?


ただし、寒い条件下の中では、結晶化の可能性を下げるために 採蜜を早めたり頻繁に行うことをおすすめします。詳しくはWintering Your Flow Hiveのページをご覧ください。


The Flow Hive was trialled in Canada by John Gates in the fall of 2014, and no issues were found regarding the cold. Bees keep the hive warm because the brood nest needs to stay around 35 degrees Celsius or 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

In cold climates it would be recommended to harvest early and often so the possibility of crystallisation is less likely. Also read our page on Wintering Your Flow Hive.

Remember your bees will still require honey stores or feeding through the winter. Let us know how you go!

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