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Do I need to leave some honey in the hive for the bees?

はい、これはフローに限らずどんな養蜂にも当てはまります。ミツバチたちが蜜源のない時期を乗り切るためには、貯蜜が必要になります。巣枠内に残しておくべき蜜の量は気候によって異なります。 同じ地域にいる養蜂家に、冬越しに必要な量はどのくらいになるのか相談してみましょう。


貯蜜の変化の観察はとても楽しく、ミツバチとの触れ合いを感じることができます。 毎日確認せずにはいられなくなるでしょう。

冬越しをするミツバチの給餌料に砂糖水を与える養蜂家もいます。 市販の蜂蜜は、病気を広げる可能性があり、また砂糖よりもはるかに高価であるため、使われることは滅多にありません。

Yes, this applies to all beekeeping. Your bees need honey to get them through the times when there is no nectar available. The number of frames of honey that you should leave depends on your climate. You should consult local beekeepers as to how much they leave for their colonies over the winter.

The Flow Frames make it a lot easier to see how much honey is in your frames at any time, so you can learn to manage how much honey to harvest and how much to leave for the bees.

Watching the honey level change every day is quite fascinating and helps you feel more in touch with the bees. You’ll probably find you can’t help but look on a daily basis.

Some beekeepers feed sugar syrup to their bees to help them get through the cold winter months. They rarely use honey for feeding as this could spread disease and is a lot more expensive than sugar.

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